Marble-Tuff 511

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Marble Tuff™ is a stylish anti-fatigue mat with a marble pattern top surface combined with a foam base for durability and comfort. The Marble Tuff™ mat has an aesthetically pleasing look while providing ergonomic support for areas where workers stand for extended periods of time. The sloped beveled edges reduce trip hazards and allow easy access on and off the mat and the smooth top surface is easy to sweep or mop clean.

Features & Benefits


  • 5/8" thick smooth surface.
  • Vinyl top surface combined with closed cell foam base material
  • Sloped beveled foam on all 4 sides reduces trip hazards
  • Provides maximum comfort while standing for long periods of time
  • Smooth top surface easy to clean
  • Rolls and custom sizes available
  • Black , blue and grey.


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