Pebble Step 415

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3/8" PVC foam Pebble Step Sof-Tred™ w/ Dyan-Shield® is an anti-fatigue mat that is designed to provide traction with its non-directional pebble embossed top surface that allows for sure footing and is easy to sweep clean. The NoTrax® exclusive Dyna-Shield® PVC sponge is manufactured with a tough protective top layer that provides long lasting wear and outperforms the competition in tear resistance and tensile strength. Designed for use in medium duty dry work areas.

Features & Benefits


  • Non-directional pebble textured embossed mat
  • PVC foam provides added cushioning comfort
  • Exclusive Dyna-Shield® top surface manufactured directly into the mat for long lasting wear
  • Superior tear resistance and tensile strength
  • Beveled edges on all 4 sided
  • All black or black with yellow edge.


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